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Why the paperless office still needs a printing solution

The paperless office is held up as a goal for modern businesses. But did you know that printers will play an important role in these environments? Here's how.

Why digital transformation will fail without analytics

Digital transformations can be complex and time-consuming. Here's how analytics will help you get yours right the first time round.

How optical character recognition solves data entry issues

Data entry is all about balancing efficiency and security with speed and accuracy. Here's how OCR technology can help you improve your processes.

When should you outsource your printing?

Deciding whether to print in-house or outsource is a huge decision for any business. In this piece, we look at why outsourcing could be an option for you.

Tips for accounting firms getting into document management

Document management systems can have big benefits for accounting firms, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Let's look at how you can get started.

How automation will benefit the legal industry

Technology has long promised to eliminate tedious duties and free your staff to focus on higher-value tasks – but it often fails to deliver.

Robotic process automation – how it affects you…

Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence have all been tipped to fundamentally transform the professional services industry. But it could be the re-emergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

How to create a mobile office for your business

Whether you’re an accountant, consultant or IT whiz, there’s a good chance that work and travel go hand in hand for you. Here’s a short guide to the...

From Paper to Digital: How to Transform Your Stacks of Paper...

Free up your office space Much less space is needed to store and especially archive digital data, and it is far easier and cheaper to create and retain additional...

5 ways managed print services can improve network security

Providers and end-users alike are becoming more attuned to the value of Managed Print Services (MPS) – but cybercriminals are also taking notice. Just like any networked service,...

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