How do we communicate to customers in a retail environment?

Customer communication is at the heart of the retail industry, but this is an ever changing scene. Here are three essential channels your business needs to master. 

Healthcare communication types: It’s more than just talking

Medical communication goes far beyond a good bedside manner. This article will examine three types that are essential for effective care provision.

Technology and the hospitality industry: what’s coming up?

In a constantly changing digital environment, what are the big updates going to be for the hospitality industry? Read on to find out.

How automation will benefit the legal industry

Technology has long promised to eliminate tedious duties and free your staff to focus on higher-value tasks – but it often fails to deliver.

Robotic process automation – how it affects you…

Big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence have all been tipped to fundamentally transform the professional services industry. But it could be the re-emergence of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...

Why Generic Printer Cartridges are not the same as Generic Drugs

Australian clinics and medical practices are subject to some of the most complex and stringent regulations, such as the Private Health Facilities Act, and the Private Health...

Reduce your operational costs with the right technology

Technology is at the forefront of Australia’s establishments, from point of sales systems to mobile apps for customer loyalty, generating business value for bars and club...

Managing retail inventory with technology

Inventory management is increasingly important as retail faces the internet age. How can this industry use technology to account for the shift?

Why home care is crucial for Australia’s future

Imagine spending your whole working life paying off your mortgage, only to be struck down by illness or misfortune, then forced to leave the home you’d worked so...

How to create a mobile office for your business

Whether you’re an accountant, consultant or IT whiz, there’s a good chance that work and travel go hand in hand for you. Here’s a short guide to the...

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