Managed Print Services (MPS) for healthcare: Finding the right provider

With an MPS solution, healthcare organisations can improve their financial well-being, enhance security and gain operational efficiencies.

Track essential patient information with portable scanners

Secure, portable scanners allow you to make your healthcare document management workflow truly seamless.

The importance of reliable thermal printers for patient wristband printing

How can up-to-date wristband printing improve outcomes in a healthcare setting?

The Importance of Food Labels in Hospital Catering – food labelling

As an inpatient in a hospital, meals can be the highlight of the day and something many actually look forward to. The team responsible for feeding patients need...

The Necessity of Specimen Labels

We’ve all been there and whilst it isn’t pleasant, providing a biological sample for medical analysis is a necessary evil. Specimens come in all shapes and sizes from...

5 important ways to maintain patient confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is an essential part of Australia's medical responsibility. So how can you correctly uphold this in an increasingly digital world?

What is the Australian equivalent of HIPAA – why does it...

Patient confidentiality laws are stringent in Australia. As a healthcare operator, you'll need to ensure your business doesn't fall foul of the Privacy Act.

Healthcare communication types: It’s more than just talking

Medical communication goes far beyond a good bedside manner. This article will examine three types that are essential for effective care provision.

Why Generic Printer Cartridges are not the same as Generic Drugs

Australian clinics and medical practices are subject to some of the most complex and stringent regulations, such as the Private Health Facilities Act, and the Private Health Facilities Regulation....

Why home care is crucial for Australia’s future

Imagine spending your whole working life paying off your mortgage, only to be struck down by illness or misfortune, then forced to leave the home you’d worked so...

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