5 important ways to maintain patient confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is an essential part of Australia's medical responsibility. So how can you correctly uphold this in an increasingly digital world?

What is the Australian equivalent of HIPAA – why does it...

Patient confidentiality laws are stringent in Australia. As a healthcare operator, you'll need to ensure your business doesn't fall foul of the Privacy Act.

The myth of the paperless office

Heard the one about the paperless office? Didn’t think so. Despite its much-heralded arrival and the proliferation of mobile devices and online storage and services, businesses in the...

Technology and the hospitality industry: what’s coming up?

In a constantly changing digital environment, what are the big updates going to be for the hospitality industry? Read on to find out.

How e-commerce success is tied to an efficient labelling process

Dropshipping is an essential part of our retail industry structure, but did you know it relies largely on fantastic labelling? Let's check out why.

Why Generic Printer Cartridges are not the same as Generic Drugs

Australian clinics and medical practices are subject to some of the most complex and stringent regulations, such as the Private Health Facilities Act, and the Private Health...

Tips for accounting firms getting into document management

Document management systems can have big benefits for accounting firms, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Let's look at how you can get started.

Track and recover your disbursements with the right print and document...

Allocating costs and working efficiently are crucial for the smooth operation of a law firm – the right print management solution goes a long way to ensuring your...

How data can reduce print costs and boost productivity

Managed Print Services (MPS) are no longer just the domain of big corporates. They’re moving through the market and many mid-sized companies are discovering the advantages of having...

Why the paperless office still needs a printing solution

The paperless office is held up as a goal for modern businesses. But did you know that printers will play an important role in these environments? Here's how.

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