As the working from home trend has skyrocketed, it’s likely your print volumes have dramatically changed. Maybe you’re using your home printer more than usual and you’re tearing through those ink or toner cartridges faster than ever before. Did you know there are some considerations you can make that will help you get the most out of your consumables? Here’s some handy tips to keep in mind to help you reduce waste and keep your running costs low.

Ensure your printer or MFC is compatible with your needs

If you’re yet to purchase a printer or are currently looking for one, selecting the right printer for your needs is paramount if you want to print efficiently and cost effectively. Making the wrong choice can result in toner and ink wastage, leaving you with an increase in your running costs and damage to the environment.

To ensure that you make the right decision when purchasing a printer, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you need to print in colour?
  2. How many pages a month do you/will you need to print?
  3. Does the multi-function device support cloud connectivity or include scanning features that allow you to digitise your work?

What sustainability features does my printer have?

Our printers have been fitted with technology that allows you to print smarter, and in a way that reduces waste. For example, if you’re printing internal documents, you can opt to print in draft mode, in monochrome or black and white when using colour ink isn’t essential. Some of our MFC’s also have a toner save function to help you save toner when you’re printing internal documents. Printing in duplex (2-sided printing) avoids using excess paper and is particularly useful when printing large documents. And, when your printer isn’t in use, select eco mode, sleep or deep sleep to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Have you considered high-yield cartridges for your machine?

Although purchasing high-yield cartridges may appear a little more expensive initially, you’re able to print more pages, reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and investing in less cartridge changes– it’s a win-win all round! It’s also important that you don’t change your cartridges until they are truly empty (don’t worry, our machines tell you when the time has come!).

What workflow changes can you make?

Don’t be afraid to critique and change your workflow to better meet your needs and allow you to work more efficiently. Our MFC’s can help you with much more than just printing your documents. With added features such as cloud connectivity and advanced scanning capabilities, you can digitise your documents quickly and efficiently to minimise paper and consumable usage.

Don’t forget to recycle when you’re done!

Brother is a proud sponsor and full funding partner of the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark recycling program. The program provides you with a free, convenient and environmentally accredited way to recycle used printer cartridges, with a zero waste to landfill guarantee. Be sure to visit the brother website more information on how to responsibly dispose of your cartridges.

For more information on how to print sustainably, including how to introduce sustainable printing into your workplace and learning tactics to revolutionise the way your printing functions consume resources, download our Sustainability eBook.


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