With no gyms or sport at present, keeping active can be difficult. If you’re already over that same old walk around the block, we’ve got some other options to spice things up and get the heart racing all over again! (with an added bonus of reducing that post-Easter guilt…!)

10 Minute No Equipment Workout:

Time to get your blood pumping? Try this 10 Minute, No Equipment, Total Body workout,  you’ll feel great for it! This is perfect to do before work in the morning, or in between zoom meetings to refresh your body and mind.

Build Your Own At Home Gym:

Now that gyms have closed across the country, it’s time to get creative with our at home workouts. There are plenty of ways that you can mix up your fitness sessions at home with every day household items. Check out this guide on how to build a home gym on the fly for ideas to take your home workout to the next level without spending a cent. The guide also has suggestions for purchasing versatile and effective equipment for your home gym, with price points from $25 -$200.

Don’t Have Time to Leave Your Desk?

Although we definitely recommend prioritising regular breaks from your workspace to move and get some fresh air throughout the day, you can relieve stress and boost productivity in just a few minutes without even leaving your desk with these yoga stretches. Try them once or twice a day and reap the benefits!

Join an Online Community:

If you are missing the motivation that comes with exercising in groups, keep an eye out for the many online communities who are working out together, virtually! Many gyms and personal trainers are hosting workouts via zoom or other online platforms so you can get sweaty and stay connected. If that isn’t for you, why not facetime a friend or colleague and do a workout together?


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