Is your business mobile? Are you a consultant or mobile employee who needs to print out documents on the run? If so, you probably need a thermal printer.

Flying under the radar

Technology that results in greater business efficiency and reduced costs is always a good thing, and while some products are touted as game changers for their particular industries, they usually don’t live up to the hype once you factor reliability, return on investment, usability and performance into the equation.

Thermal printing is one technology that has more than lived up to its promise – even if it does fly under the radar for most of us. It’s a digital printing process that uses paper with a layer of heat-sensitive dye, activated by a heated print head.

They’re ideal for point of sale or labels and have been around since the 1970s. They’ve become increasingly reliable and secure, now producing high-quality prints at a much lower cost than traditional solutions.

They’re also great for tradies, consultants and other mobile workers, as having few moving parts makes them much sturdier than other types of printers. And, being able to print out a quote, invoice or other documents on the spot can be the difference between a sale or a brush off.

Thermal printing – ideal for mobile workers

Thermal printers’ primary advantage is that they’re inkless. Because they use heat to react with the paper to create images, there’s no need at all for toner, ink, ribbons or cartridges. For a mobile worker that’s great because it removes potential hassles, like the risk of an inkjet cartridge leaking inside your car (temperatures in a vehicle can cause cartridges to leak like air pressure in an aircraft).

Image quality is another big benefit. Thermal printers have been progressively installing microprocessors to control print-head operations. This, in turn, has resulted in exponential improvements in print sharpness and quality.

They’re also quieter and, for the most part, a lot faster than traditional ink printers. Their printing heads can create images in milliseconds and does not need to dry. For practical purposes, this means any business that hosts conferences or meetings on a regular basis can produce name tags and labels at a fraction of the speed of traditional ink printers. And the tags will be pin-sharp, with truly ‘black’ blacks.

Fewer moving parts means lower maintenance, servicing costs and greater reliability over the term of the printer’s life. They are also usually smaller and lighter, making them far more portable than their traditional counterparts – an ideal solution if you’re on the road, operating remotely or based in the field.

Thermal printers are digital technology’s answer to the messy, laborious and unreliable world of the traditional ink printer. And since most of us have suffered through those processes, it really does represent a game changer.

We provide portable printer packages with accessories including vehicle mounts, carry cases, charging cradles, power supplies and more. It’s no exaggeration to say that being able to print on the go can revolutionise your business; if you’re interested in exploring how to reduce costs and increase productivity while on the move, just ask us how.



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