There are 2 situations at work when you notice your printer:

  • When you’re using it
  • When it’s not working

In the office, we have daily routines to prioritise our work and workflow systems to meet our deadlines; the hyper-organised will even allow time for the unexpected on each task or project.

The printer you notice the most is the one that’s a disruption to your routines and workflows because it’s not working for one reason or another; you then have to invest time in fixing it, time in which could have gone into hitting that deadline…

The printer you notice the least is the one that will work when you need it and just becomes part of your workflow.

Looking for dependable printers can be difficult, often because dependability and reliability are hard to measure. The best sources for reference to make the most informed decision are from 3rd party testing and reviews by professionals who have assessed the features and stress tested the device.

The Brother Professional series of devices have experienced strenuous testing by Buyers Labs (BLI) which resulted in over 80,000 impressions without interruptions or errors. Brother has also won PC MAG’s Business Choice Award for the 5th consecutive year in relation to reliability and satisfaction of our products for business users.

The workplace in every industry is different; that is why we have a dedicated team to help you find the right set of products for your business. Explore how Brother can help you find the right solutions for the needs of your business, visit our corporate solutions website.


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