It’s best practice and common knowledge that the best way to organise your items at home is to label everything; from clothing, cupboard draws, kitchen items, cables to garage tools etc.

Surprisingly this practice is not always transferred to the workplace; surprising because there are generally more items like stationery, peripherals, equipment and assets which need to be kept track of for any business, not to mention safety requirements. Instead of assigning then labelling a location to where office items should live and label items which can be a safety hazard, we are committing much of this to memory.

Labelling that helps you organise

We all want to be more organised but finding the time to do it in your busy work schedule is a challenge. Brother’s P-Touch (PT) labelling range is easy to use with handheld keypad or PC connectable models, bundled with labelling software and free mobile apps, so you can organise your workspace as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Labelling for a safer workplace

To meet work health safety requirements, there are labels that need to standout such as hazardous items, fragile packaging or warning labels. The Brother QL-800 series can print an array of images and sizes in black and red so you can easily identify the warning or the safety message at a glance, significantly reducing the risks around your workplace. They are also the perfect product to integrate with visitor management systems, so you can keep your office or school secure.

Brother’s Commercial Development Team can help you configure the right mix of Brother labelling products with software to build a more organised and safe work environment.

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