Having the correct configuration of print hardware, means your print operations can operate efficiently in the background so you can focus on your patients.

Whether it’s in a GP office or at the Front Desk, each area of a clinic will, have different needs for Printing, Copying and Faxing. By simply taking advantage of the capability of adding more trays to your Printers, you can streamline these workflows and reduce downtime.

This means having paper trays that are large enough to facilitate your print volume or additional paper trays to handle the array of print media regularly used by your staff.

Here are some examples of how additional paper trays are used in a GP Office and/or front desk of a Medical Clinic:


  • The standard paper tray – loaded with plain A4 paper for medical certificates or reports
  • The multi-purpose tray – loaded with pre-printed A5 prescriptions
  • The additional paper tray – loaded with professional A4 letterheads

At the end of a patient visit, simply fill out the information required in the 3 documents on your PC, then press Print.


  • The standard paper tray – loaded with plain A4 paper for general printing of forms or reports.
  • The additional paper tray – loaded with coloured paper designated to print Faxes.
  • The multi-purpose tray – loaded with envelopes or address labels.

This is an easy way for Front Desk Administrators to discern incoming faxes and general printing, plus envelopes in the machine ready to print.

With Brother’s Professional Laser Printer and Multi-Function Centre ranges, you can piece together the most efficient tray configuration for your clinic. These ranges offer you:

  1. Flexibility – you can add ONE paper tray or up to a FIVE tray tower unit (for the flagship products) and everything in between.
  2. Easy to setup and use, requiring minimal technical know-how – it’s as simple as placing the printer on top of the additional tray and adding it to the printer driver.
  3. More office space – this configuration takes up minimal space in your clinic. Brother devices can sit on a desk next to your PC or as a floor standing unit.

Products with high functionality, easy to use and small footprint are key attributes of Brother’s ‘At Your Side’ mantra.

For more information on how Brother can help visit our corporate solutions website



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