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make your work from home space work for you

Make your ‘work from home’ space work for you

It’s easy to spend countless hours researching and testing ways to create the ultimate work from home (WFH) space, whether you’re using it full-time,...
design your ideal study nook

Designing your ideal study nook

When it comes to smart home office ideas, a study nook provides an ideal working from home solution where space is at a premium,...
top tips to beat procrastination

Tips and tricks to beat procrastination

Whether it’s lingering on making a to-do list for a few hours, days or even a week, procrastination is a universal phenomenon that can...
small business trends and side hustle ideas

Small Business and Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start Now

Whether you’re a hardcore FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) follower and can’t wait to reach financial independence, are ready to ditch your day job...

Top Home Office Trends to Inspire You

You can’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed home office. With many of us working from home or needing to work after hours, a...
How to better plan your work week

How to better plan your work week

Planning your work week in advance saves time, boosts productivity, and helps you minimise stress. Do you feel as though you never get close to...
Study Nook

Short on space? Five Tips to Create the Perfect Study Nook

A study nook might be small in size, but it can be mighty in functionality. While a home office or study is a common fixture...
Home Office Area

Home Office Setup: How to create the perfect workspace

When set up correctly, home offices allow us to work more efficiently and comfortably.  If you’re still working from the couch, kitchen bench or dining...
how to build a home office shed

Backyard business: How to build a home office shed  

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, 67% of us now work from home, compared to 42% pre-COVID. It’s a change that’s prompted...
A guide to printing anywhere

A guide to printing anywhere

Printing anywhere means being able to print on the go at a moment’s notice. Learn how to get the job done on almost any device in virtually any location.

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